Studio Etiquette

Guidelines and Tips

The recording studio is a professional facility with a professional engineer on site who engineers the session for you. Generally, once we set up microphones/gear, we will get levels for each instrument, adjust headphone mixes, and have you play through some of your material to make sure that the levels and sound are good to go.

Get Prepared before Recording

  • Discuss production ideas with your engineer before your recording session. It helps to bring some musical material that emulates the sound you would like to achieve or artists that have influenced your sound.
  • If you are sequencing tracks or using beats, check with us through email on compatible formats in advance, and have them ready to go on a CD or flash drive.
  • Bring copies of lyric/lead sheets if necessary.
  • The studio does NOT provide CDs, so please bring a CD or flash drive for your engineer to copy your work from the recording session.
  • Do NOT put new strings on your instrument right before the recording session. New strings will need to be played and stretched out before staying in tune.
  • The studio has a professional drum kit and an 88-key weighted keyboard available for use by patrons. Any other instruments, drum sticks, or guitar amps will need to be provided by the patron.

After Completing Recording

  • Mixing and Mastering can be done by the engineer at the studio or you can take your files to be mixed/mastered at another facility.
  • We can provide a master for you to take to a duplication facility.
  • We do not provide any mass duplication or graphic art services.

General Tips

  • Recording your material is generally much more time consuming than just playing through it. In general, an hour per song is a good rule of thumb.
  • Being well rehearsed and warmed up can really make it easier on you and take a lot less time in the studio.
  • Be selective about guests that you invite to the studio. Distractions and opinions can take their toll on energy and focus in the studio.
  • If you have ideas, feel free to speak up and tell us about them. We may not be able to exactly replicate the sound of another project but we are more than happy to try and make your project sound the way you want it. Individuality is a good thing!