The Recording Studio Gold Standard

PROTOOLS Recording Studio

Protools Studio

  • Open Control Tracking Room - your engineer is with you!
  • We maintain the very latest Protools Studio version
  • 128gb of RAM memory with 60gb dedicated to Protools
  • 9-series Intel processors
  • UA UAD-2 Satillite 8-core DSP accelerator (ZERO Latency)

Analog Mastering Bus Chain

  • Analog Mastering Bus includes Rupert Neve Portico II Processor
  • Analog Mastering Bus includes Rupert Neve Master Bus Transformer

Digital Mixing Plugins

  • ANY Universal Audio plugins available
  • ANY Universal Audio Unison pre-amps
  • Neve, API, SSL, Avalon, Manley and more
  • ANY Universal Audio instruments available
  • ANY Universal Audio plugin amplifier models
  • ANY Waves plugins available
  • Special: iZotope, Sonnox, Sound Toys, Traction
  • We got'em all....